Using failure to motivate success.

Updated: Feb 14

When I began writing my first novel, Arkenfall, early in 2016, it came as a way to deal with the fact that my life had unravelled and all my plans had brought me nothing but ruin. I went from having a stable, private, secluded home, with dogs, horses, gardens, etc, to living in a box room, near the centre of town, with constant sirens and undesirables hanging around every corner. My room had no space for anything but a single-bed and a wardrobe, no pets, no room for visitors and very little privacy. And it was all my own fault, one way or another.

In the box room, there was no internet and I do not watch tv, so I began writing on a tablet device, to give me something other than the disorder my life to think about. At the time, writing back in those lonely days gave me an escape from the new, unplanned and undesirable reality I faced each day. Most of all I needed to get my life back together. But at the time depression set in and writing helped me forget my troubles.

In 2019, after losing my mum in the April and getting married in the June, two members of a Liverpool-based band I played in at the time, because of a difference of opinion, used Social Media to spread lies about me and hurt me, my family and my friends. This treachery gave me the motivation to develop an unrecorded Intense Degree song from 1992 titled - Black Coat Day, into a Serial-Killer story told in the first-person. The process proved to be very cathartic. The paperback was published in August 2021. In short, once again my writing was motivated by negative experiences in my life.

Now, February 2022, I am writing my third novel, Mandingo Grove, and am glad to say it is not influenced by any negativity or undesirable characters experienced in the eclectic meanderings of my life. This time, the motivation is to complete the book as Professionally as I can. This means; -as quickly and effectively as possible. This past Valentines weekend I have written over four thousand words, quality stuff too, not just filler and aimless waffle. There is no point. Add to this the fact that over the last ten days I have achieved an average of a thousand words a day. To achieve this I brainstorm the next scene or two I intend to write beforehand - Usually whilst I'm in the bath. Bath-time is my Think-Tank and this helps me clarify how to approach each scene. I'm now a third of the way through the story and am determined to have this written and edited by April, and in print by June this year. This will be a much faster process than my previous books but I know with concentrated focus and daily effort, I will do it.


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