Routine Machine

We all have routines. Patterns in our life which control how we spend our time.

Taking control of our routines is the first key step to success in our coaching programme.

Need help getting a grip on your goals? Seek mentorship.

This weekend, late on Saturday night, after a full day, I forced myself out of bed to attend a live online business meeting, which went on until after midnight.

A meeting among friends who belong to the same international private community.

A members club, if you like. The quality of advice and direction during this meeting was fantastic, informal and unique. Derived from hard experience and high standards, among many other factors. After the meeting I could hardly sleep!

The result was questions to ask myself. About what my business objectives are. My attention has since focused sharply on the business I wish to create, rather being all into writing my next book as well as marketing my books.

The reality is my books are only part of my creative output. The others need space to be developed. Space which will arrive upon completion of my next book. My current 90-Day goal.

My business, Shadow House Ltd, will be the umbrella I can keep them all under. Among other artisans, some within my family. Retaining full ownership of my IP is my first stipulation.

The realisation is that a full-blown, highly effective Lifestyle Business is well within my power, if I maintain my eagerness to seek and utilise quality Mentorship.



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