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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Long day.

Posted by Francis Pendlebury Jun 20, 2018.

I have been awake for all of today, enjoyed the quiet whilst sitting on the garden in my dressing gown with Reno, Coco and Jet before five am. Had the sprinkler on the lawn for hours before everyone got up. I love these long days and am fortunate to be enjoying some r n’ r…Rest & Relaxation… Annual leave in modern parlance. We just watched the sunset from Stonehenge on Youtube Livestream and it seemed a bit muted, probably due to the weather. I feel good about staying home. Need new glasses, only have readers at the moment and one pair of contact lenses. Restricts travelling somewhat. Would have been a bit taxing to go all that way alone without full vision. Been putting off buying new specs for far too long now, sorted an appointment out for Sunday morning…I don’t mind on these long days. I will be up with the Larks again tomorrow, I absolutely love this time of year, the longest days…Tomorrow is only a matter of seconds longer in daylight than today and Friday will be just a few seconds shorter than tomorrow, making it more or less equivalent to today. They’re all good, long days to make the most of as, deep winter darkness and restrictive cold weather is only six months away! The difference between these long days is about the same as between the qualifying lap time from the front to the back of the grid in a Formula One GP. Less than ten seconds. By next month though, especially on cloudy evenings, you will soon notice the nights drawing in. If your paying attention 😉 I consider it to be a very special time of the year and I wish everyone who takes the time to read this all the joy and happiness they deserve. That’s it. Sun has set some time ago, the sky is dark, everyone else is in bed. Until Tomorrow, Goodnight. Posted byFrancis PendleburyJun 20, 2018Posted inUncategorized Published by Francis Pendlebury Author of fantasy-fiction for adults, horror, demons, sorcery, gods, monsters...and the occasional fact-based review of medieval battles. I play the drums in a couple of noisy bands, when the Moon is full...A habit it seems hard to kick.

Welcome, come in.

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