Black Coat Background

Updated: Aug 24, 2021


From taking two years to complete, to originating as a song written in1992, Black Coat Day comes pre-loaded with a history all of its own. The first version of the novel, started as side-project to my then main work Arkenbane, had been lost to a computer meltdown in December 2018. Interrupted by a continuous round of family bereavements, Arkenbane, now re-named Bane, became shelved in favour of Black Coat Day during Summer 2019.

Inspired by a bout of unexpected and unwarranted treachery, defamation of character, slander, libel, threats and outright skulduggery, the story of Sam Daniels has "evolved and blossomed from within itself like a rare flower's stately unfurling."

Pick Your Road & Stick To It.

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