3 Crucial tips to combat writer's block

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

1. Understand there is no writer's block.

You may simply need a break from your work in progress. Write something completely different. This will keep your pen sharp and open your creative channels and connections in ways that will surprise you. Before long your head will be brimming with fresh ideas for your main work.

2. Motivation.

Constantly remind yourself WHY you have undertaken your work. What are your goals for your book? What are your goals as a writer? What book are you planning to write after this one? Who would you love to impress by finishing and publishing your book? Who would you love to read your book? These questions can help to drive us to put pen to paper or sit at a key board without worrying about the quality too much. This is good. Quality can always be improved before publication. If nothing is produced, there is zero quality.

3. Focus.

The most effective way to maintain focus is to develop daily habits. Avoid the news, or scrolling through social media first thing in the morning. Instead, use the internet to find motivational or educational videos, concerning goal setting or writing. This will remind you each day of your goal to be successful as a writer. It can be easy to let a day slip without writing a word, or even looking at our work. Especially during times of emotional tension. Yet it is easier to let the second day go, and the third, and the fourth, etc. By then you have formed a new habit. Conversely, this demonstrates how easy it is to cement a good habit into our daily routine. Do something early in your day that reminds you about writing, that makes you think about your book. Then, even on the worst days, you will still open up your work and tweak a line or two. Even this is good enough. In this way, our creativity will always flow and we will forget what it was like to not write at all for a whole day.

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