July 14, 2018 ~ Time marches past so quickly, I do stay busy…the sun is out again in full effect and we are all happy. Sometimes I have been too busy to blog, sometimes too exhausted. Other times I felt I should spend the time writing my book. The second novel in my War for Arkendore Trilogy. I called it the Conquest of Arkendore series on the back cover of Arkenfall, which is a term for the twin trilogies I am writing. This is my plan. The second trilogy is likely to be set a generation after the end of the first one. This may change as I write the first trilogy, although the story will remain firmly within the realms of the Conquest of Arkendore, which would take generations. Indeed the war has been active for generations already. Time for food. Later. Real soon

My Recent Articles

In this section, I will share some of the first blogs I ever wrote, from last year, 2018.  Take a look below at some of my most words from last summer.


Francis Pendlebury

August 17, 2018

The problem most people have is not with achieving goals, it is in setting them. I paraphrased Earl Nightingale there. Set the goal and keep it in mind as much as you can. The actions you need to take will become apparent and if you consistently take the actions in the correct order you will achieve your goal. As long as it is reasonable and not completely outlandish, like a professional rugby player wishing to become a top ballet dancer. Forget it. I have learned the value of setting goals and becoming ever more organised, without compromising spontaneity. This is the key balance that I find is so important. Beating oneself up for prioritising other things in life ahead of our goals is ultimately self-destructive and counter-productive. Just pick up where you left off and move on. Always. Keep going. Keep the imagination fired up with how you visualise yourself enjoying having achieved the goal. That is all the motivation you should need, but there are many other sources. Tap into your motivation and use it to fire your imagination. The World is Yours.