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Shadow House pride ourselves on providing a satisfying journey into print for each of our authors.

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Shadow House Ltd is Home for the Self-Published.

Whether you're struggling on a shoe-string budget and are hungry for success, or have a burning desire just to publish your story without fiscal limits, we have a great deal for you. 

We offer a range of services to accommodate the needs of all types of self-publishing authors. 

Our costs are the most fair and bring the most value on the market. Guaranteed. If you can get a better offer elsewhere, before sending your finished manuscript, we will return your investment. 

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Book Reviews 

Reviews sent by direct message or as comments on Shadow House's own author, Frank Pendlebury's gripping thriller Black Coat Day's Social Media page.

For Privacy reasons, details of names and identity's have been removed or edited.  

"Good afternoon Frank. I have just finished reading Black Coat Day. I have to say it is one of the best books I have read in a long while. It was very well constructed and evenly set out. The characters were extremely believable and lifelike. The locations were recognisable, and important to the story. I quite easily slipped into Mary’s character and liked her, but at the same time, felt sorry for her. I knew Val would become a problem but didn’t see exactly what was coming. I cannot wait for your next book, and hope you continue to write in the same vein. Thank you! Kind regards M."

"Wow, excellent book Frank Pendlebury, I couldn’t put it down, excellent stories, wasn’t sure what was going to happen in part 3 but, all my guesses were wrong, lol. Loved it!!!! MG"

"Started reading today, Gripping so far! Will give an honest opinion when I finish it Frank. G"

"Well Frank, I’ve just finished reading Black Coat Day! Wow, I can’t remember the last time I have read a book that had me hooked like this has, excellent layout, really easy to read and get involved in, it’s taken me a week to read but, I had 4 days where I was busy getting ready to go to a wedding and attending the wedding so, 3 days really. Well done Mate, 10/10. YK"

"Sam was a great antihero. Some of the antagonists' traits were very familiar, and I was pleased to read about their demise! I read it over the last couple of days whilst away. Any plans for things in the same vein? PB."

"Just back from the beach where I've just finished up BCD. Brilliant and very well ended, which is where a lot of books, movies etc fail. 197 pages of well crafted pleasure. Going to miss Sam's antics, hoping he comes back soon." JHS



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